Simple ways to make a difference and impact a family in need:

1. If you have an item or items that you would be willing to donate, please send a photo including dimensions to
As we put nests together, we will be working with the family’s current belongings and bringing together a beautiful and personal scheme. We will let you know whether what you are offering is a fit based on dimensions and need. Suggestions might include: light fixtures, lamps, rugs, side tables, dining table, chairs, sofas, art, accessories, etc.
2. Donate through our online store. Click the "Donate Now" button to do so.

3. If you prefer to purchase an item, we can assist you with ideas based on a list that we put together specifically for a family. We will provide a direct link to the item and depending on size, we can receive that at our office. Please contact directly for these details. 

4. If you know of a family that we can serve in this way, please contact us. We are working on a small scale and in a quiet, anonymous way.

Your gift would be anonymous and at this time we are currently NOT operating as a non-profit. 

Thank you again for considering this opportunity to share with others!